Setting up DNS

For Dial up customers:

DNS should automatically be configured when dialing into the Community Web service.

For DSL users:

For Windows 98 SE, 2000, and ME:
1. Click Start, go to Settings, and choose Control panel fom the list.

For Windows XP users:
1. Click Start and click on Control Pannel

2. Find the Network Icon, double click it.
3. Find Local Area Connection , Right click on the Icon and Select Properties.
4. In the Network Connection box, Under the "This connection uses..." box, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
5. With Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) selected, click on Properties.
6. If not already selected, click the circular button next to "Use the following DNS server Addresses:"
7. Fill in the following information:

Primary DNS Server:
Alternate DNS server:

8. Click OK to exit Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties
9. Click OK to Exit Local Area Connection Properties.
10. Close the Control Panel.



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