Terms of Service

By using our service, you accept all terms of our acceptable use policy.  If you do not agree to these terms, call our office immediately to deactivate your account.   This policy may change at any time, and all changes will be posted to the website.   If you violate any of these policies, your account will be deactivated, and you will not be eligible for a refund.
The following are not allowed to be posted or sent through our servers:

  1. We do not allow material that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent or invasive of someone else's privacy.  We do not allow adult materials, including those containing explicit or graphic descriptions of sexual acts.  We do not allow vulgar language in a login name on our system.  We do not allow any other materials that otherwise violate Community Web's Acceptable Use Policy;
  2. We do not allow material that victimizes, harasses, degrades or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age or disability;
  3. We do not allow material that infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, right of publicity, or other proprietary right of any party;
  4. We do not allow unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, junk or bulk email (also known as spamming), chain letters, any other form of unauthorized solicitation, or any form of lottery or gambling;
  5. We do not allow materials which contain software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs that are designed or intended to disrupt, damage or limit the functioning of any software, hardware or telecommunications equipment or to damage or obtain unauthorized access to any data or other information of any third party;
  6. We do not allow the impersonation of any person or entity, including any employee or representative of Community Web.

You also agree that you will not harvest or collect information about the users or members of Community Web or use such information for the purpose of transmitting or facilitating transmission of unsolicited bulk electronic e-mail or communications.

You further agree that you will not knowingly solicit or collect personal information from a minor (anyone under 18 yrs old). Personal information includes but is not limited to name, address, phone number or name of their school.

Community Web generally does not pre-screen, monitor, or edit the content posted by users of communications services, chat rooms, message boards, newsgroups, software libraries, or other interactive services that may be available on or through this site. However, Community Web and its agents have the right at their sole discretion to remove any content that, in Community Web's judgment, does not comply with the Acceptable Use Policy or is otherwise harmful, objectionable, or inaccurate. Community Web is not responsible for any failure or delay in removing such content.
Community Web cooperates with local and national law enforcement agencies.  If you engage in any type of illegal activities while using Community Web's services, your account activity may be turned over to law enforcement officials for prosecution, upon receipt of a warrant.